Looking For A Charity? – Your guide to the top Charities and 401(c)(3)s

Looking For A Charity

 Looking For A CharityFinding the right charity is an important yet daunting task.  With over  920,000 charities registered with the United States IRS that give some form of tax deductible tax credit, looking for right one is important.

Often times we donate to the charities that are presented before us. They usually get our attention through a marketing campaign on television, radio, or the internet. But even with these charities, are they the right ones for you?

Sometimes you find out about causes through word of mouth and friends. Churches and social organizations often spread the news about various ministries, organizations, and movements that may peak your interest.

But finding the right charity that you can be excited about is important.  Anyone can take your money and give you a receipt for Uncle Sam. But do you really know where your money is going?

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